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The Brushy Hill Farm Staff is dedicated to providing premium care for your horse. Our attention to detail ensures that your horse is safe, healthy and happy and that you do not have to worry about anything.

All Boarding Options Includes:

• Customized, nutritional feeding program specific to your horse

• Top quality grains fed 2/3 times as required

• Quality Timothy hay fed 4 times a day

• Large Airy 10x12 matted stalls with windows and grilled doors

• Dry well bedded stalls cleaned daily

• Clean water buckets filled daily

• Daily grass/dry lot turn-out, weather permitting

• Blankets changed, leg protection and fly protection as needed

• During inclement weather, horses are lunged/turned out in Indoor

• Heated Tack Room

• Excellent Farrier services available weekly by top professional

• Veterinary care can be scheduled & handled by BHF staff

• Full use of all Facilities

• Night check by Owner who lives on the Farm

• Fans provided during hot summer months

Boarding Options

Full Monthly Board

Please call for pricing.

Assisted Training Board

Board includes a 1 hour private lesson & 2 professional training rides per week. Please call for pricing.

Full Training Board

Board includes 5-6 professional training rides per week. Daily grooming and routine trimming and mane pulling are included.

Leasing Options

Half Lease

Half lease of a BHF horse includes a 1 private lesson and 2 additional days per week.

Full Lease

Full lease of a BHF horse includes full use of the horse. 1 private Lesson is included. Vet and farrier are additional.

Add On Options

The Groom's Package (added to monthly board)

The groom's package may be added to full or training board. This package includes daily grooming and vacuuming of your horse, tacking and untacking, cooling out, cleaning of tack, routine trimming and mane pulling.